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Commissions are open. Check out the widget on my main page to place your order. :D Here's a breakdown copy-pasted from it.

Full Body - Pencil with Shading
A fully shaded, full body pencil drawing of one (1) character.

High res digital image will be sent to you via email you provide. One revision request is included in this, at the time that a work in progress shot is sent to you before finalization of the image.
7500 Points

Character Bust - Full Color!
A shiny and beautiful full color image of one (1) character - digital, marker, or pencil. We can talk about which will best work with the design you have in mind. :) (Smile)

High res digital image will be sent to you via email you provide. One revision request is included in this, at the time that a work in progress shot is sent to you before finalization of the image.
6000 Points

Character Bust - Inked
A stunningly dramatic ink drawing of one (1) character headshot/bust - digital or traditional mediums

High res digital image will be sent to you via email you provide. One revision request is included in this, at the time that a work in progress shot is sent to you before finalization of the image.
4000 Points

Pencil Bust Drawing - Cleaned Up
A polished and cleaned up pencil drawing of one (1) character headshot/bust.

High res digital image will be sent to you via email you provide. One revision request is included in this, at the time that a work in progress shot is sent to you before finalization of the image.
3500 Points

Character Bust Sketch - Rough
Need a headshot of your character for an RPG profile? Want your OC to come to life? Wondering what you or your pet would look like in cartoon or anime style? I can make that happen!

This commission includes a rough and charming sketch drawing of one (1) character headshot/bust - chest up or waist up, focused on the face.

High res digital image will be sent to you via email you provide. One revision request is included in this, at the time that a work in progress shot is sent to you before finalization of the image.

SAME DAY DELIVERY! For a limited time, I'm offering you the final proof shot within 24 hours of the commission being accepted! You will still have time to request your one revision. The finalized version may take a little bit longer to get to you, since I want to scan it at high res and tweek it properly so that it will all look great when posted online, but the proof image will get to you super fast on this tier!
2000 Points
The latest venture from Bobble Kitty Comics just went live on comiXology. Eli and Al is a story about a boy and his alligator. What could be better?…
Hello, everyone! Wow. It's... been a while.

A lot has happened in the last few months, so let me break some things down.

Na-Rune-Tok got accepted to comiXology for sale on their app! This is a big deal for us. We're talking a company with a screening process, one who hosts the digital versions of comics from Marvel and DC, Image and Dark Horse, in addition to a wide array of fantastic indie titles. We are bloody thrilled to be on here! ComiXology also has a nifty little guided view feature that zooms from one panel to the next on your mobile device and does some fun fades and it's just so cool.…

In light of getting accepted, though, we had to take a pause to figure some things out. Na-Rune-Tok will still be up for free on our website and here on DA, at least for the foreseeable future. But the issue is that it makes a lot more sense to release on comiXology FIRST with everything in one go and then slowly leak out the pages a week at a time for those who would rather wait. So ultimately, the production of Na-Rune-Tok had to take a break so we could form a strategy and a plan to execute it. Things have been slower going than we would like, but we're aiming to really tackle some art and get pages cranked out.

All this doesn't actually explain why I dropped the ball here on deviantArt.

Upon coming to look here, my fears were confirmed, I apparently took a pause on DA long before we paused on the official site. A lot was going on the last few months of last year, even leading up to having to make a choice about the comic and the great news about comiXology. I will admit, part of the stress is me learning to manage and live with my anxiety issues. There were days where I couldn't even think about logging on to much of anything if it meant having to deal with... well, anything that wasn't a soulless virtual pet, actually. Which sucks. Because I love you guys! My awesome watchers who fav and comment and prod me for the next piece. But during this time, I didn't even email my best friend for months, after a track record of never going a week without sending at least one email for the last 6 years. It was a serious social crash for me.

I find it amazing how many artistic minds deal with these kinds of stresses. I've seen so many people on this site have a meltdown and rage-delete a whole gallery or say they're leaving forever or otherwise freak out over anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. I did not want to be that artist, I didn't want to somehow snap and do something I would regret. Walking away for a bit to get my head back together felt like a better option for me. So I want to thank everyone who's still here and who's willing to stick it out while I get my head sorted and we get the comic back in order.

I'll be getting the remainder of the completed pages up so everyone is caught up here. :) I had stopped at #129, but we have up to #133. Expect those to be releasing over the next few days.

Again, thanks for the support, everyone. If you don't already, pop on over to our Facebook and Twitter for Bobble Kitty Comics and give us a follow. You can always keep track over there, even if I go radio silent on here.…

Here's to forging on ahead and getting back into the swing of things!
Hey, everyone! Top Web Comics is having an art contest. The theme is "Dwarf on Vacation." Entries had to contain one heavily armored dwarf, a Christmas tree, a small island with sand, and at least one character from our web comic. Wanna see what we came up with? Go vote! We really need as many people as possible to vote - as many times a week as they can - until the contest is over.…

Thanks for voting! Really means a lot and will help us get more traffic for Na-Rune-Tok. :D
Albuquerque Comic Expo is over for the year. It was great fun, as always! There will be a full Bobble Kitty blog post about it later this week, but wanted to hit on a few key points here.

Cosplaying Jack Sparrow was fantastic, but my arms still hurt from flailing them about most of the day. XD Pictures to be posted on Bobble Kitty as well later on.

Our neighbors were awesome and included deviants Droakir, Alimar and ChrisRackley7, as well as two lovely ladies whose names we completely managed to miss and whose business card we didn't even take! D: Having good neighbors is so important, so we're distressed that we didn't catch who everyone was.

We learned a good deal about displays and how to sell things better! Next one, we'll totally kill it. Already brainstorming possible backdrops and things. :)

And... I know there's more. But I have like.... a convention hangover or post-con depression or something, so it's really hard to think right now. XD Clearly I should save it for the blog later.
Bobble Kitty Comics will be at ACE this coming weekend! We'll be in Artist's Alley at Table B15. (Assuming we don't get moved... again.) If you're in the area, come on down and see us. :)

You can get a free pencil sketch at the event! All you have to do is go vote for Na-Rune-Tok on Top Web Comics:…
Once you vote, you'll get the day's magic words. Come to the booth and tell me the magic words in the voice of your favorite character and you get a free pencil 4x6 sketch card.
Best of all, there's a different set of magic words each day of the event, so you can come back each day for another one if you're real sneaky. ;)
EDIT: May 2014
Due to a lack of entries, we are going to have to cancel this contest. :( I would still like to do something with the blank comic in the future, I'm just unsure what at this point. In the meantime, go read the one entry we got, because it is awesome.
Caption Contest Entry by ZhaneAugustine by :iconzhaneaugustine:


In honor of the first year anniversary of Bobble Kitty Comics, we’re holding a comic caption contest! :D You don’t need to know anything about Bobble Kitty to enter, all you need is a little imagination and the page provided to you. This year's contest deadline is April 30th, 2014, 8:00PM, Mountain Time

Here’s the deal.

Some time ago, I sketched up some thumbnails for a little gag comic I was gonna draw.

I often do this as a way of making notes to myself. The problem here? I didn’t actually write down any of the dialog that was supposed to go into this page, nor do I even remotely remember what was happening. Which is too bad, because it looks like it was hilarious.

This is where you come in! We need you to write up some great dialog for these characters! You can win commission prizes, deviantArt journal features, and your comic page being posted on!

:bulletred: THE GOAL:  Write dialog for the following comic page:

(Click for full view and download)

:bulletblue: RULES:

1.    You can either insert the dialog yourself OR you can submit a script format for the page.
2.    If submitting as an image, all words must fit in the bubbles provided and be CLEARLY READABLE.
3.    If submitting as a script, all words would have to feasibly fit in the bubbles. (No paragraph long monologues. Think in terms of tweets here. ;) )
4.    Everyone who enters (in comic or script mediums) automatically grants permission that their comic may be posted on as part of the contest, and shared across our social media platforms. You will always be credited for your work.
5.    If submitting a script, you give Team Bobble Kitty permission to format the dialog into the comic page for posting on if they see fit. (You will always be credited.)
6.    You can use any genre, topic, or idea you see fit for the images. It is not mandatory that you stick to a humor strip. (Though I can’t imagine what else this will turn into – surprise me if you like!)
7.    Knowledge of the characters is NOT needed.
8.    Keep the language of all entries in the PG ballpark. (No f-bombs, please. :) )

1.    Download the full resolution image above.
2.    Remove the numbers and input your dialog with your program of choice.
3.    Upload your image to deviantArt under the comics category, tagging resuki in the description and linking back to the contest journal
OR email your image to if you’re not a deviantArt member.
4.    Await the results!

1.    Create a script using the numbers in each bubble to indicate where the text goes.
2.    Upload your script to deviantArt under the scripts and screenplays category, tagging resuki in the description and linking back to the contest journal
OR email your script to if you’re not a DA member.
3.    Await the results!

:bulletred: JUDGING:
The contest will be judged by Team Bobble Kitty (resuki and TheLuckChild ) We will determine winners based on creativity, emotion, humor, flow, and generally how well the whole idea was handled.

:bulletred:THE DEADLINE: April 30th, 2014, 8:00PM, Mountain Time

:bulletblue: PRIZES:
NOTE: Prizes are subject to change as I get more ideas or people contribute to the prize pool.  Please send me a note if you would like to donate commissions, journal features, etc.

:spotlight-left: 1st prize
•    Two full color sketch card bust commissions.*
•    A journal/news feature, spotlighting five pieces of their work, as well as a link to a personal website. (If applicable.**)
•    Their finished comic page featured on as a contest winner, which will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

:spotlight-left:2nd prize
•    A full color sketch card bust commission.*
•    A journal/news feature, spotlighting five pieces of their work, as well as a link to a personal website. (If applicable.**)
•    Their finished comic page featured on as a contest winner, which will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

:spotlight-left:3rd prize
•    A line art character bust commission.*
•    A journal/news feature, spotlighting five pieces of their work, as well as a link to a personal website. (If applicable.**)
•    Their finished comic page featured on as a contest winner, which will be shared on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr

Honorable mentions may be added.

*Digital copy only, no physical images will be shipped via post office. I will choose the medium that best suits what I would like to do with the idea pitched at me, be it digital coloring, markers, pencils, etc.
**If the winner does not have a website, a Tumblr, Facebook fan page, etc is also acceptable. We will NOT feature sites that are pornographic in nature or otherwise unsuitable for the general PG audience of Bobble Kitty Comics.

Please note!  Winners will have six months after notification date to claim their prizes. After this time, any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.

:bulletred:Technicalities and Questions:

:bulletblue:How will I know if I win?
We will notify everyone via deviantArt note or email when the contest ends to make sure no one misses the winners.

:bulletblue: What are the names of the people in the comic?  What are they like? What are their genders?
All of these questions are things we leave to the writers to decide! Yes, they are established characters to us, but they are also (mostly) unreleased characters, so that doesn’t matter. We’re not looking for a fan-comic here, just wanting to see how creative people can be with this. So go nuts!

:bulletblue: Can I put my website URL on the image, too?
Of course! Just make sure ours is still visible. :)

:bulletblue: I don’t have Photoshop or anything. Can I still enter?
Sure can! Just enter a script format as outlined above.

:writersblock: BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!

:bulletblue: Disclaimer:
REMEMBER: All entries are subject to being posted on, giving the writer credit and a link-back. Bobble Kitty Comics reserves the right to keep said images up for as long as we see fit. The writer of the page also has permission to redistribute their page as they see fit, so long as it is for non-commercial purposes and the watermark and all credits are left in place. Likewise, we will not sell the comic with your dialog.

:bulletblue: ENTRIES (in order entered)
Caption Contest Entry by ZhaneAugustine by :iconzhaneaugustine:
Here we are, the first day of NaNoWriMo! I'm completely stoked for this one.

Got the plot board all set up. (Click to view on Facebook.)

And have my word count ticker thingy bob right here.

So what is this story that we're putting together?

It's the next comic from Team Bobble Kitty! Na-Rune-Tok still has a long way to go, but we're scripting out the next venture as we speak. YOLO: Zombie Disposal Service! We will follow the adventures of the YOLO team as they battle zombies through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You Only Live Once, so let them scavenge for you.

YouTube video talking a bit about NaNo plans here:

AS ALWAYS! Be sure to vote for Na-Rune-Tok on Top Web Comics! You can vote once a day and it really helps us out:…
Hey, everyone!

Short Version
We've got Na-Rune-Tok listed on Top Web Comics! Go here and vote so we can get more exposure:…

Long Version
Top Web Comics is a website that ranks online comics by popularity. The top 100 are featured on their page, and the top 10 get a banner. We've put Na-Rune-Tok up on this site, but we need your help! The popularity of a comic is judged by the number of votes it gets. Please, pop on over and give us a vote any chance you get. You can vote for a comic once a day per comic per computer in your home. This means that if there's another comic you really, really like, you can vote for that one, too! They just wanna know what people are reading and how much you like the comic.

Please vote for us and help us climb higher in the ranks. The more readers we can get, the better!
I'm having another moment of realizing I have way, waaaaay too many stock photos in my favorites and I'm using none of them. SHAME! I need to broaden my portfolio in general. For future convention prints, I wanna do some fan art pin-ups, of all kinds of characters. So here's a call for ideas!

I want to know what characters YOU would love to see some pin-up art of. Tell me your favorite characters from TV, video games, anime, comics, anything! Male, female, somewhere in between, somewhere off the charts, whatever! It doesn't matter if I don't know what you're talking about, I wanna research what you guys like, and hopefully find some new series that I'll like in the process. So let me know - what stories are you following in the world today? Who are the characters that resonate with you? Who would you like to see some cute/sexy/awesome pictures of?

Some examples of stock images I'm looking at for starters:
Jason Aaron Baca dec029 by jasonaaronbaca<da:thumb id="27966539"/>

Mature Content

Snow Queen -1 by mjranum-stock
Sailor Silly + Cute 15 by SenshiStock Male stock by vishstudio Sailor Staff Weapon 56 by SenshiStock<da:thumb id="42020303"/> Introducing Moonlight Dan by SenshiStock Hisagi Shuhei at the Bathroom by yair23 Casting - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock

Mature Content

Red Cloth Stock II by GillianStock
I'm happy to announce that TheLuckChild and I officially know what table we'll be at for Albuquerque Comic Expo on the 21st-23rd! We're table C8 in Artist's Alley. Anyone coming to check out the con, please stop by our booth and let us know you found us on deviantArt!

Our IndieGoGo ended last night and I an thrilled with the results. In the end, we were $397 shy of our goal, but the fact that we managed to raise over $1,000 has me absolutely delighted! We can rework the budget, and we technically still have time for me to hustle some more commissions once I'm done with the ones that were already paid for. So I'm one happy comic artist right now! :D

Huge thanks goes out to everyone who contributed. We'll have the official thank you page up on soon.

We're so close to completing this year-long Comic Mission! :excited:
IndieGoGo Has Launched! by resuki
We're getting down to the wire on the IndieGoGo fundraiser. TheLuckChild and I are trying to raise enough funding to get ourselves to Albuquerque Comic Expo for our first ever Artist's Alley. So we're reaching out to our fans for support in the endeavor. If you've been on the fence about contributing to the campaign, please take another look at it and consider buying some postcards, button pins, or a commissioned piece. Even $5 helps SO much! (If everyone who watches me contributed $5, we'd be past our goal by now! Crazy, huh?)

And please, please, please! Share with anyone you think would be interested. :)…

Personalized Limerick written by TheLuckChild

IndieGoGo Has Launched! by resuki

Hey, everyone!

Bobble Kitty Comics ( has just launched its IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to get us to our first ever Artist's Alley!… We'll be attending Albuquerque Comic Expo this June, but we need money to make products.  Which means that YOU get first dibs on a lot of those products if you contribute!

We've got character commissions available through IndieGoGo, as well as a LIMITED NUMBER of mini-comic commission slots! That's right, for the first time ever, I'm offering up my comic drawing skills to my fans! You write a comic, I'll draw it for you. :)

Go check it out here for details.…

Personalized Limerick written by TheLuckChild

(Deviation versions of these will all be posted eventually.)
Click to watch the trailer for the upcoming :iconna-rune-tok: comic!

I had a stupid amount of fun making this thing.  

In just a few short days, the official launch of the comic will happen and the wait will be over.  I'm super excited! :D
We have a group for the upcoming Na-Rune-Tok comic.  Your one-stop destination for all news and art related to the comic. :)
In the mission to get Na-Rune-Tok and other future comic projects up and running, I've created a number of Tumblrs, Twitters and Facebook fan pages over the last few weeks.  I'll be listing them here for anyone interested who'd like to add some stuff to their feeds. :)

Go follow my pages before they're cool!  Be a hipster like that!
EDIT: I had the Resuki tumblr link wrong, it's fixed now. :)

Resuki Tumblr:
Na-Rune-Tok Tumblr:
Bobble Kitty Comics Tumblr:

Resuki Twitter:
Na-Rune-Tok Twitter:
Bobble Kitty Comics Twitter:

Resuki Facebook Fan Page:
Na-Rune-Tok Facebook:…
Bobble Kitty Comics Facebook:…

I'm looking for people to follow as well, so I am doing a number of follow-backs right now. :D
I asked my watchers last year for some prompt words for a 100 Picture Challenge type of list.  I've been using these words to help me sketch up some character images and such for the Na-Rune-Tok comic.
There are only 50 words on this list, not 100.  I figure 50 is enough to start. ^^;  Each word is followed by the name of the person(s) who suggested it.  I may rearrange the words as time goes on. There's some that would just be better to sketch later on, to avoid possible spoilers.

1) Feather - Na-Rune-Tok Logo by resuki Feather (lunarflight)
2) Skin by resuki Skin - Color by resuki Skin (KyashaKitsune)
3) Na-Rune-Tok - Page 001 - Barefoot June by resuki Barefoot (Grevola)
4) Smile - Kets and Namai'sal by resuki Smile! (Rally-the-Cheetah)
5) Na- Rune-Tok Hair Study by resuki Hair (SargeantSweety)
6) Jump (SargeantSweety)
7) Gum (Gaijin-Sensei)
8) Octopus (lunarflight)
9) Exotic (Grevola)
10) Sunset (lunarflight)
11) Stumped (KyashaKitsune)
12) Eyes (SargeantSweety)
13) Jade (lunarflight)
14) Blade (Gaijin-Sensei)
15) Noise (KyashaKitsune)
16) Laptop (Gaijin-Sensei)
17) Parrots/Bird  (lunarflight & Gaijin-Sensei)
18) College (Gaijin-Sensei)
19) At The End of the Day... (Rally-the-Cheetah)
20) Thoughts (KyashaKitsune)
21) When In Rome... (Grevola)
22) Clouds (lunarflight)
23) Rage (lunarflight)
24) Picture (Gaijin-Sensei)
25) River (SargeantSweety)
26) Teapot (KyashaKitsune)
27) Clam (lunarflight)
28) Book (KyashaKitsune & Gaijin-Sensei)
29) Salt (Gaijin-Sensei)
30) Chocolate (SargeantSweety)
31) Inhale (KyashaKitsune)
32) Being Random (SargeantSweety)
33) My Place or Yours? (Grevola)
34) Waffles (lunarflight)
35) Ghost (Gaijin-Sensei)
36) Bliss (Rally-the-Cheetah)
37) Touch (Grevola)
38) Crazy (SargeantSweety)
39) Knots (Grevola)
40) Star (Gaijin-Sensei)
41) Little Did He/She Know... (Rally-the-Cheetah)
42) Thirsty (Grevola)
43) Spaceship (Gaijin-Sensei)
44) Dog Days (Rally-the-Cheetah)
45) Eye of the Storm (Rally-the-Cheetah)
46) Mother (Gaijin-Sensei)
47) Bull's Eye (SargeantSweety)
48) Tiger (SargeantSweety)
49) Trophy (Gaijin-Sensei)
50) And The Day Was Saved (Rally-the-Cheetah)
Why do I give my watchers warning before I do a gallery clean up?

Because there have been SO many times that an artist I follow deletes an image that I LOVE and I never get to see it again.

So, yes.  I'm warning you all that I'm gonna do a massive gallery clean-up soon so you can look through my older stuff and save anything to your hard drive that you would be sad to lose. :)

You're Deleting EVERYTHING?
No, no, not that massive of a clean out. :)  I'm going to move a lot of stuff to Scraps, and put a lot of things already in Scraps in storage.  A head's up, a LOT of my fan art is already in Scraps, so you might wanna pop in there if you're one of my Sonic followers. :)

What Images Are At Risk?
-- Everything in my Scraps folder
-- Any fan art older than 2010
-- Any art older than 2009
-- Sketchy Pieces

So Why The Clean Up?
I'm hoping to make my gallery better reflect my current art style.  I still really like a lot of my older pieces, but they don't show off what I can do these days very well.

Happy hunting, and please let me know if there are any specific older pieces you think I should keep around and/or redraw with my new style.  I'll take any and all feedback into consideration.
Over the last few months, something has come to my attention.

I'm drastically undercharging for commission work.

This plays in the favor of my watchers at the moment though, as I'm going to call this a holiday sale.

From now until the end of the year, my current, horribly low commission prices will stay.  After New Years, I'll be raising my prices accordingly, based on what I've learned about the time it takes me to do things and churn out quality work these days.  This means that the prices will likely more than double on some of these, so if you've been on the fence about getting one, act now!

Here's the current holiday price list:

Pencil: $2 for each character
Digital: $5 for each character
Choose your background: Transparent, Black, or White
Maia - for unrealmagic by resuki Na-Rune-Tok - Story Cast by resuki
Head Shots - for lunarflight by resuki Headshot Gift Art by resuki

Choose your background: Transparent, Black, White, Single Color
Azrael by resuki Unreal Bust Commission by resuki Kary-Lyn - for ZhaneAugustine by resuki

Choose your background: Transparent, Black, or White
Ink: $15
Color: $30

Mature Content

I'm Sexy and I Know It - for Akusma by resuki

Choose your background: Transparent, Black, or White
Well, Hello There by resuki

Pencil Bust: $2
Ink Bust: $5
Colored Bust: $10
Pencil Full Body: $7
Ink Full Body: $10
Colored Full Body: $20

SargeantSweety - Wolf Fursona by resuki Ping Quin - for ~KyashaKitsune by resuki Angel the Hedgehog by resuki Commission for ishop1 by resuki La-La - For Ange-da-Lazy by resuki

Backgrounds, color, multiple characters, website/comic logos, etc.
Note me with special requests and we'll talk pricing.

-- PayPal
-- Via Etsy
-- DA Points (limited, please inquire)
Please send me a message for more information.


Slot 1: Angie (Etsy) - 3/4 done
Slot 2: empty
Slot 3: empty
Slot 4: empty
Slot 5: empty

By requesting a commission from me, you automatically agree to the following terms:

The buyer is to understand that these commissions are not for commercial use.

What you can do with your commission:
- Use it on your personal website (including Facebook, DA, etc)
- Make icons for your personal use
- Print it for your wall
- etc

What you can NOT do with your commission:
- you can not sell it as prints/t-shirts/merchandise
- you can not print it in your novel/comic
- you can not use it for your commercial website banner
- you can not do anything with it that will make you money without paying me my fair cut ($2-$20 is NOT my fair cut if you're making money off it)

If you would like a commission for commercial use,you can obtain the full copyright for a small fee.  Contact me for details.
I retain the right to use images for my personal portfolio.  I will not resell your image.